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Hot Wrought Iron Rod

​Why did you join the company?

​My previous job was a welding job at another company. When I saw Kaoru Mori's job offer, I intuitively thought, "That sounds interesting." I thought I could do a job that I had never experienced before. It's been 20 years since then.

How is the atmosphere after joining the company?

The atmosphere is good and challenging. I get the impression that there are a lot of good people around. It is an environment that offers many challenges and experiences.

What have you struggled with?

The person who taught me the job quit, and I had a little trouble learning the job under pressure that I had to do everything myself.

A word to those who are thinking of getting a job!

Make sure you choose a company that will last you a long time!

​Why did you join the company?

Ambiance is good! ! There are a lot of interesting people here, and I feel that the environment is open and free to work.

​Have you had fun?

​When you're working with your colleagues.

I am currently working with a Filipino. Very interesting and fun.

A word to those who are thinking of getting a job!

More than 10 years with Kaoru MoriWhy did you come to work?

The boss is kind and respects my way of working. It's the first time I've worked for one company for such a long time!

​ After joining the company, I think that there is a difference between the ideal and the reality for everyone.

So please don't push yourself too hard.


​How was the atmosphere after joining the company?

When I was looking for an office job,

I found a job posting.

Currently, in addition to general clerical work, I also take care of the signboard cats. Lol I think Kaoru Mori is a comfortable company to work in that respects and reflects individual opinions.

A word to juniors who are going to job hunting from now on!

Even part of a large ship was made,

I think it's a job that I can work with pride because I think it's something to be proud of.

​Let's enjoy working together in Imabari♪


​Why did you join the company?

I was originally engaged in design work, and decided to join the company because they were recruiting employees. Currently, we are in charge of equipment management in the factory and quality control of products.

​How was the atmosphere after joining the company?

I think it's good because it emphasizes individual individuality.

A word to juniors who want to join the company!

It may be difficult to talk at first, but if you ask me anything, I think everyone will explain it so that you can understand!

Please ask questions steadily.

How did you get started working at the ironworks?

I have been welding for 20 years. At first, I was helping out as an extension of the family business. I enjoyed welding.

Are steelworks actually dangerous?

It's real dangerous.

Therefore, always wear safety gear.

​What is the reward of being a craftsman?

You can always push your limits. Challenge every day. Deep inside. There are so many new things that come up, and I am challenged every day.

Is it possible for women to work in ironworks?

Absolutely. I don't think there is such a thing as a woman or a man. I actually work at an iron factory, but there is nothing that women cannot do.

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​Why did you join the company?

Originally, I was in charge of Kaoru Mori for 3 years because of my previous job, and I thought it was rare to find a company that felt at home and made me want to go back again. smile

​How was the atmosphere after joining the company?

As others have said, I believe that this is a company with a generous heart that values individuality and accepts me as I run around.

What do you want to challenge in the future?

When I talk to my friends in other prefectures about "Ironworks" and "Shipyards", they don't have a clear image, or they have a dark image! I was told. Therefore, I would like all of us to work together so that we can hear good rumors that we are energetic and that women are also active!

A word to juniors who are working!

If you have to spend eight hours a day of your limited life at work, I would like you to choose "people" or "excitement". Even if you're not Kaoru Mori, I want you to make an effort until you understand that feeling.



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